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Adorata Acoustic Guitar - Diapason 650 mm
Ampia Acoustic Guitar - Diapason 650 mm
Argenta Classical Guitar - Diapason 650 mm
Argentina Chitarra Classica - Diapason 560 mm
Arpa Acoustic Guitar - Diapason 650 mm
Brasiliana Archtop Guitar - Diapason 650 mm
Kaori Chitarra Classica - Diapason 650 mm
Laguna Classical Guitar - Diapason 650 mm
Maki Acoustic Guitar - Diapason 650 mm
Marta Archtop Guitar - Diapason 660 mm
Momojiri 12 Chitarra a 12 corde - Diapason 650 / 660 mm
Onda Acoustic Guitar - Diapason 650 mm
Riva Acoustic Guitar - Diapason 650 mm
Rossa Acoustic Guitar - Diapason 660 mm
Senza Nome Acoustic Guitar - Diapason 650 mm
Susino Chitarra Classica - Diapason 640 mm
Triste Acoustic Guitar - Diapason 650 mm
Hirata Special Ukulele Tenor- Diapason 440 mm
Veneziana Acoustic Guitar - Diapason 650 mm


William Marinello


Luthier and sculptor. Venice. (Italy)

Photo by Francesca Magnani

With over a thousand years of history and independence, Venice, over the centuries, has always been a point of reference and home to free intellects of the avant-garde. Also, the level of the Venetian artisan production has always been recognised as one of the highest in quality. Working in this city, it is impossible to ignore the responsibility in maintaining the high standards set by our production. Venice is light but resilient, unique and exciting. This awareness is part of our work as well.


What we seek is absolute to avoid making
beautiful guitars without a nice sound.

Momojiri Guitars, William Marinello

I simply removed the unnecessary
to obtain the essential:

the sound.

Luca Waldner, Luthier

Fullness has its function, but the essential value belongs to the void.

Lao Tzu 老子, Philosopher and poet

Our work is a constant research in identifying and removing
anything that is redundant in the strive to let the void play.

Momojiri Guitars, William Marinello

In Japanese, the term “momojiri” literally means “peach’s hip”
(the juicy Japanese white peaches have an anthropomorphic shape)
and this term leads to envisage the sensual shape of a young woman’s hip.

Momojiri Guitars, William Marinello

We have learnt the lightness from Antonio de Torres Jurado,
to then take it to its extreme.

Momojiri Guitars, William Marinello
Our work ethic

Our work is intense research striving for the extreme:
unconventional ideas, ventures, working at the limits of lightness, inconsistency of materials, minimum weights, fragility that holds and strength with the least of physical material.

These peculiarities are typical of Venice’s building systems, hence of its beauty and uniqueness. Working in this environment, it is unavoidable to be affected by it. Thorough analysis of the forces at play and drastic reduction to the bare minimum. Sensitivity that translates into lightness. The aspiration to make the void play.

The Momojiri sound
The sound produced by these guitars is choral but an independent resonance spreads simultaneously, supporting a great output of sound. If we had to describe the sound of our guitars with just one adjective, this would be “complex”. It is not easy though to find the right word because we talk about something outside common conventions, something we are not used to hear. Our sound is the product of several design solutions. This complexity resembles the single elements as much as the whole, which is greater than the sum of the parts. We take licence to say that, despite the wide design span across our range, the sound of our guitars always reflect our character outside conventions.
This is what matters: this is a search of a new way, different, that mirrors us.
This is what motivates our work and materializes in our creations.


Request and book a visit to our workshop.

Musical instruments of this kind cannot be purchased blind. If you wish to find out, see, touch and, most of all, experience the sound, you must come to Venice, in our workshop. If you do, on the occasion, we will open an excellent bottle of Prosecco, which will complement the overall experience.
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